Jordan Sommerlad delivers new album 'Polly's House'

Having already established his sound thanks to a flurry of bold and enticing releases these last few years, US singer-songwriter Jordan Sommerlad has now returned to deliver his rousing new studio album 'Polly's House'.

Written about and inspired by a short term rental house in Columbus, Ohio where Jordan and his wife spent the early days of the pandemic, 'Polly's House' makes for a wonderfully rich and alluring listen. While each track was conceived during an extremely isolating period, there is still plenty of rich and joyous moments threaded throughout this new collection, giving it a wonderfully varied feel.

While these last few years have certainly seen him deliver a wealth of diverse outings, 'Polly's House' feels like one of his most confident and proficient releases to date. With such a strong and driven approach to his songwriting and sound throughout, this is certainly one we will find ourselves coming back to again and again.

Have a listen to 'Polly's House' in full via the player below.