Josefine Neumann - 'Gravity'


Despite her young age, 16-year-old singer-songwriter Josefine Neumann has already been one of the more prolific artists growing today. Releasing her breakthrough debut LP 'Lamb' near the start of 2023, she has spent the last few months churning out a wealth of warm and inviting releases, building her effervescent persona with every new offering. Now after another busy spell, she returns once again to deliver her vibrant new studio album 'Gravity', a record that looks to continue those heartfelt textures once again.

Using little more than an acoustic guitar and her own soaring vocal performance to create her latest material, 'Gravity' shines with this rich and alluring atmosphere from beginning to end. Honing more of that riveting folk-pop-inspired aesthetic that she has been able to call her own in recent months, this new fifteen-track collection manages to deliver some truly stunning compositions, allowing her to express more of that heartwarming emotion that she has become synonymous for ever since she first emerged.

Usually when artists push themselves this hard, there is the expectation of a few duff releases here and there. But Josefine Neumann is standing just as mesmerising as ever. 'Gravity' takes the best parts of her tenure to date, and pushes them to the outer reaches of her sound at every turn.

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