Kablamo release self-titled debut EP

After spending the last year building and cultivating their sound, emerging Brooklyn-based duo Kablamo have now released their eagerly-awaited self-titled debut EP.

With a sound that looks to blend rich and vibrant post-punk energy with a distinctly dreamy aesthetic throughout, 'Klabamo' makes for a wonderfully riveting listen from start to finish. Channelling warm and euphoric textures, with killer hooks blended throughout, these two are cementing themselves as one of the more enticing names on the rise right now.

With a broad and sprawling approach to both songwriting and production across these seven tracks, Klabamo have really kicked off their tenure in style with this one. Brimming with bright and technicolour concepts, we can't wait to hear where this exciting journey will take them next.

Have a listen to their self-titled debut EP in the player below.