The Killers - 'Pressure Machine'


While the last decade or so has seen The Killers in a more sporadic state, knocking out the occasional collection here and there, these last few years have seen them in prolific form. With founding member Dave Keuning leaving but now rejoining the band, missing out on the recording of last year's effort 'Imploding The Mirage', and now bassist Mark Stoermer unable to fully commit to the group during the pandemic, they have still managed to find a way to record their seventh studio album 'Pressure Machine' less than a year since their last, a record that sees them break out of their commercially-focused shackles to explore something more atmospheric.

Even looking at the solemn and bleak cover art, it is clear that 'Pressure Machine' was never intended to be the bright and shimmering radio-friendly collection they have pursued since their infancy. Instead this new release looks to explore a more downbeat and rustic approach to their sound. Regularly following in the footsteps of Bruce Springsteen and The National, these new songs seem to act as a reflection to how the band now see themselves. No longer the young whippersnappers they once were, they are looking to age gracefully and create a more humbled direction for their later years.

Although their material in recent years has always looked to chase their early success, 'Pressure Machine' has this real longevity to it, something we can easily see them taking on as a future direction and becoming their new sound. They have a confidence to it that has been lacking of late, and a feeling of rejuvenation sprinkled throughout.

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