LA Priest - 'Inji'


As the lead singer of cult noughties favourites Late Of The Pier, Sam Dust effectively vanished for the most part during the succeeding eight years since the band's only studio album. After it emerged that he had been working his way around the world, on various project, the man has returned to deliver his first solo album under the guise LA Priest. Fitting suitably into that post-millenium dance-rock sound, the new record 'Inji' aims to display the effortless and random nature of this gifted producer.

From the start, you can tell that this release aims to break all its preconceived notions, and just like Late Of The Pier and bands like them, it is about the uniqueness of the music which sets their image. And the music of LA Priest is not only unique but also varied in its approach as Sam Dust has aimed to create an outpouring of ideas that somehow come together to create a cohesive and well-structed studio album.

It is eclectic and assorted throughout, which can deliver more of a love/hate situation to some, but for those with a musically open mind, it is well worth the listen. And while Late Of The Pier fans will get it instantly, it would be great to hear more of this man's music.

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