Les Sins - 'Michael'


Known better under his original moniker Toro Y Moi, vocalist and producer Chaz Bundick has decided to take a step away from his successful chillwave project to release a new album which is more ready for the dancefloor. As Les Sins, he has unleashed his alternative approach to beatmaking to deliver an album that no only gets your feet moving but also lets you see exactly how talented this young man really is.

While the record starts off with this scat-tastic techno beat in the form of 'Talk About', it gradually begins to lose its sheer force and opens up to showcase the various angles and styles that Bundick was looking to explore on this new project. While it sometimes sounds like a dark and brooding piece of electronic music, the minimal attitude he brings to the record gives each track a far more accessible sound, and allows it to break down into far simpler and enjoyable snippets.

It will probably still be enjoyed by fans of Toro Y Moi as the two projects aren't too far dissimilar, but is definitely for those who prefer their dance music coming from the leftfield. An unusually but still highly enjoyable debut.

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