Lucky Lou - 'Dance Melancholia'


Throughout these last few years, Stockholm's Lucky Lou has been seen as one of the more refreshing names in Scandinavian pop. Blending a commercial edge with a rich and explorative nature, her output so far has been this bright and heady mix of ambitious aesthetics, all looking to broaden her sound away from convention as often as possible. And after rekindling her place on the scene with her stunning comeback singles 'Space' and 'Leave Me Alone', she has now returned to deliver her eagerly-awaited debut EP 'Dance Melancholia', a collection brimming with innovation throughout.

While her mainstream credibility has certainly been well-established since she first emerged, 'Dance Melancholia' feels far more adventurous than anything she has produced before. With her euphoric vocal style finding comfort across a diverse array of genres throughout this five-track offering, Lucky Lou is cementing herself as one of the more enigmatic names on the rise here. Even with its immersive finale 'C'est La Vie' capping off her latest venture with some brilliantly spritely hyperpop-inspired ideas at every turn, she is building upon her already astounding catalogue with style and aplomb here.

Things may be moving very fast for Lucky Lou right now, but 'Dance Melancholia' shows the pressure of success hasn't impacted her progressive direction at all. Moving with such grace and finesse across each new cut, she is certainly a name worth keeping a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.

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