Mabel - 'High Expectations'


It seems that these days emerging artists are taking longer and longer to release their debut albums. Having been a solid addition to the British RnB scene for a number of years now, Mabel has finally broken the first major milestone of her career as she unveils her highly anticipated debut full-length 'High Expectations'. And just like her material to date, this new collection aims to represent a well-rounded lens into her own personality, one that represents personal afflictions and adulations in equal measure.

Yet despite spending the last few years releasing a flurry of terrific slow jams, she has opted to leave the bulk of these cuts off her debut full-length, keeping this new release as fresh as possible for her devout fanbase. And without the reliance of older material to keep the engagement high, it has allowed her to create a more fluid and succinct album than we were expecting. It is clear that her collaborative work with the likes of Jai Jones and Not3s in recent times has opened her mind up to the creative possibilities of her sound and the result is a bold and interesting collection that cements her as one of this country's most captivating newcomers.

Rather than pursue the glossy and artificial tones of some more commercial names, 'High Expectations' is seen as a far more honest and identifiable record. While she has always looked to make each song a personal journey for herself, it is refreshing to hear how well she brings the listener along for the ride, making this initial album a strong and emotionally-charged introduction.

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