Max Bloom - 'Pedestrian'


Having already established himself as a competent artist as the frontman for Yuck this past decade, singer and songwriter Max Bloom has been more dedicated to his solo efforts these last few years. While the band themselves were always busy hitting the road, it felt like their creative juices had run dry, and so their inevitable break up was confirmed earlier this year, leaving Bloom to commit fully to his new venture. And after a few months of buzz building, he now delivers his eagerly-awaited new album 'Pedestrian', a record that sees him fully embrace his solo guise.

Throughout the last ten years, Yuck showed themselves as a fast-paced and blistering outfit with bags of energy to spare, but this seems to be the counter to what Max Bloom himself is looking to produce. From the start, 'Pedestrian' makes itself known as a more solemn and sombre listen throughout. Bloom's songwriting has this simple yet elegant appeal to it, channelling the odd touch of breezy indie-rock tropes but largely opting for a sound that lets audience lean into him rather than blowing them back, making for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

It may not have much in the way of instantly engaging cuts, but 'Pedestrian' manages to deliver a calm and confident continuation for the frontman's sound. Taking the light and ethereal approach as often as possible, his rebirth gives rise to a more intrinsic artist at the helm, something we feel he'll be pursuing for many years to come.

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