Mew - '+ -'


While Mew were always considered very prolific in their formative years, this new full-length is the first piece of new material we have heard from the band in six years. Having previously reached moderate acclaim for a number of their previous releases, it is this new work that has received them the most attention and is looking to be one of their most high-profile releases to date.

With a number of guest collaborators, including New Zealand vocalist Kimbra and Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack, '+ -' sees the Danish outfit embark on a far more eclectic and experimental direction. While much of the album is filled with their usual glossy pop rock, this release allows them to show off their varied levels of influence and produce a record that not only hits you straight away, but continues to deliver superb songwriting no matter where they plan to send the album's sound next.

The wait may have been long but it has certainly been worth it as Mew have shown that quality does take time, and if there is any word that could sum up '+ -', it is quality.

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