misc_alt_ deliver new single 'I DON'T CARE'

After spending the last few years releasing a flurry of bold and exciting cuts, US-based artist and producer misc_alt_ has now returned to deliver their captivating new offering 'I DON'T CARE'.

Channelling the broad and sprawling style of acts like Animal Collective and Superorganism, 'I DON'T CARE' makes for a wonderfully bright and vivid listen. Sitting somewhere between the sonic appeal of dream-pop and psych-rock, this vibrant new delight will leave you feeling of sweet and laid-back days under the summer sun.

Adding about the track and video, misc_alt_ said, "'I DON'T CARE' was an accident that ended in 12 unique creators and artists teaming up to create our first multi-media project. We gathered as many local friends and artists as we could to create logos, art, promo, merch, remixes, and of course our debut music video.

"The song and video tell 3 separate stories, one of which I keep secret, knowing that one day someone will discover the true tale being told. This project was a breakthrough for many of us, coming to see that the only difference between 'hobbyist' and 'professiona'l is simply our desire to see something beautiful created, and to work together in creating it."

Despite such a prolific array of releases over the years, there is something truly mesmerising about 'I DON'T CARE'. Capturing a warm and effervescent energy from start to finish, we can't wait to find out where this project takes us next.

Check out the new video for 'I DON'T CARE' in the player below.