Neon Fields share new single 'Shelter'

After spending the last few years knocking out one instantly compelling single after another, Warminster-based outfit Neon Fields are back at it again as they deliver the mesmerising new effort 'Shelter'.

Originally starting life as a project called ‘In The Bunker’, inspired around a family forced to go down into an air-raid shelter, 'Shelter' looks to illustrate the same claustrophobic feeling that experience would create. With its rich and atmospheric tones, punctuated by some truly captivating vocals, their newest release makes for a rich and engaging listen.

Neon Fields have always been ones to explore the broader and more atmospheric edges of the post-rock sound, but 'Shelter' showcases more of those distinctive tropes this time around. There is a real sense of emotion and passionate energy laced within this new offering, something we rarely hear done well, leaving us truly intrigued throughout.

Have a listen to 'Shelter' in the player below.