Sandy's - 'Sami & Sandy'

San Francisco-based outfit take their cues from The National with this sweeping indie-rock groove

Kinda Sorta - 'Need You(r Soul)'

US outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and anthemic punk-inspired stomper

Night Heron - 'Dreamz'

Portland-based outfit keep it dreamy with this smooth and breezy psych-pop delight

The Tell - 'Burning'

US outfit unveil a wonderfully rich and uplifting slice of indie-rock gold, with hints of The National

Olivia Swann - 'No Thanks'

London-based artist keeps things bright on this rich and upbeat alt-pop stunner

Alex Mighten - 'Final Word'

Nottingham-based rapper brings some killer flow to this bold and bouncing hip-hop jam

Pedestrian Lifestyle - 'Sunlight'

Canadian outfit deliver a smooth and intoxicating post-rock-inspired gem, with shades of Radiohead

Hollow Coves - 'Hello'

Australian outfit preview their new EP with this light and lofty acoustic-led serenade

Moonlight Breakfast - 'Keep Walking'

Romanian outfit bring some serious funk to this fun and bouncing electro-pop delight

Will Wallace & Laurel Smith - 'Girls Money Cars'

London-based producer delivers a bold and explosive slice of electronic gold

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