Nick Noon releases new EP 'A Jejune Affair'

After establishing himself with a wealth of bright and dynamic offerings over the last few years, Nashville-based artist Nick Noon returns once again to offer up his spellbinding new EP 'A Jejune Affair'.

Featuring the previously shared delights 'Costumes' and 'Bring Out The Sunshine', this new four-track collection makes for a wonderfully rich and enjoyable listen. Channelling more of that adventurous aesthetic he has been perfecting since his earliest beginnings, 'A Jejune Affair' marks another bold and exciting step forward in his musical evolution to date.

While he has already maintained a solid direction within his efforts so far, 'A Jejune Affair' shows that he still has plenty of broad and inventive ideas in which to explore. Harnessing his indie-rock ideals and pushing them as far as they will reach, his newest release cements him as one of the more compelling names on the rise right now.

Have a listen to 'A Jejune Affair' in full via the player below.