ParadymCoast releases his new EP 'Jasmine Heart'

Having already impressed so many with a broad and vivid array of offerings over the last few years, San Antonio-based artist and producer ParadymCoast has now returned to deliver his mesmerising new EP 'Jasmine Heart'.

With a sound that looks to blend a rich and sweeping mix of both dream-pop and hip-hop influences throughout, 'Jasmine Heart' makes for a wonderfully smooth and vibrant listen. Filled with notable nods to the classic soul sound, shimmering hooks and textures, not to mention his sublime vocals layered throughout, his newest release is a beautifully sweet and seductive listen, perfect for these warming summer days.

Despite his catalogue usually adopting a far more eclectic feel than this, 'Jasmine Heart' feels like the raw and honest sound of ParadymCoast. He has showcased a bright and simple sound on this new collection that rarely falters and always looks to bring a smile to your face.

Have a listen to 'Jasmine Heart' in the player below.