Poppy Roscoe - 'Manzanita'


After originally breaking through with their much-loved debut LP 'One More For Safety' in 2019, LA's Poppy Roscoe were one of many outfits to have their output and live shows disrupted because of the pandemic. But then they suddenly reappeared with their eagerly-awaited sophomore offering 'Poppy Roscoe In: Sea Fortune And The Desert Rats' last year, a record that saw them rekindle all of that same magic they first arrived with. Not looking to let this comeback lie anytime soon, they are now back to their vibrant best once again with their third studio album 'Manzanita', a release that builds upon that dynamic tenure of late.

Moving through those 60s psych-rock-inspired textures once again, 'Manzanita' sees them returning to the fold with some of their most impactful efforts to date. With a production that allows them to explore a multitude of different angles in order to keep the pace and energy as high as possible, the band's latest work proves they are still very much on top of their creative game here. With tracks like 'Backdoorman' heightening their already infectious sound, they continue to shine as one of the more exciting names working the US scene right now.

While their career has certainly had its ups and downs already, 'Manzanita' almost feels like a fresh start for them as they look to unearth some truly enjoyable grooves from beginning to end. Poppy Roscoe have always had something admirable about their direction, but this new offering sees them pushing those immersive aesthetics as far as they will go.

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