Porter Robinson - 'Worlds'


It doesn't seem like anyone in the world right now is moving as fast as Porter Robinson. Despite now only being 22 years old, the producer has already gone from big bass electronic juggernaut to EDM floor-filler and back again. But ultimately seeing the frailty of his chosen genre, Robinson has reinvented himself once again to produce his debut album 'Worlds'. While a lot of the formulas and sounds within commercial dance music can be found on this record, the overall tone is much more subdued. Making it an album that you can listen to at home without feeling out of place.

'Worlds' isn't like any other album we have heard so far this year. The subtle blend of synth-lead electronica and an ever-changing dynamic make it sound like an record that begs to be taken seriously and not lumped in with all the other big room EDM that is being churned out. Porter Robinson obviously has a lot of ideas about the music he wants to make and has aimed to demonstrate them throughout this release. It's almost hard to describe exactly what he has done without falling into preconceptions about the EDM scene but from a few listens, its clear that his intentions were to create a dance music album with a little more substance and intelligence than most.

While he definitely achieved that goal, not everything on this album is up to scratch. It does occasionally falter in places which disrupts the pace of the album, but overall 'Worlds' is a brilliant collection of tracks and a template for others producers to look at and see exactly where the future of commercial dance music could be heading.

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