Principe Valiente - 'In This Light'


Over these last few decades, Swedish duo Principe Valiente have looked to create a more illustrious sound than many in their field. Coupling shoegaze-inspired textures with a more atmospheric edge, their tenure to date has been filled with a sprawling array of delights, heightening and evolving their direction every step of the way. And after the rousing reception they received for their highly-praised 2022 LP 'Barricades', they now return with their new studio album 'In This Light', a record that builds upon those dynamic eccentricities once again.

Brimming with this warm and inviting presence, 'In This Light' feels like Principe Valiente at their most passionate. Moving with a subtle elegance between each of the tracks, which all look to embark on their own distinctive avenue throughout, their newest outing captures some of their most alluring energies to date. Creating this incredibly dense and immersive sound that dabbles in a wide variety of instrumentation as it plays, they return to us with a truly fascinating and absorbing listen here.

These last few years have certainly been some of their most prolific on record, but 'In This Light' still manages to make a lasting impact on their ever-growing catalogue to date. Keeping the tones and textures as rich and possible, Principe Valiente continue to shine with more of that innovative spirit we have always admired them for.

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