REID announce 'Fractures' EP

After his first EP 'Genesis' REID is now back with something a lot more thought out and explored. The EP includes two singles 'Fractures' and 'Tarnished" featuring remixes from Comets We Fall, Jape and Document One.

"I really wanted to make something intense when I started this EP. I wanted to make something that people could dance to, but also something that you could listen to while staring out the window on a train journey. I am very influenced by movie soundtracks and how they draw on peoples emotions using just sound."

The project started one year ago; in the space of about 6 weeks REID wrote 10 / 12 demos that he took with him while travelling through South East Asia and listened to them for a couple of weeks, by the time he came home and knew what needed to be done. He spent about 6 months polishing the demos and once ready he got on board few artists who would enhance the emotions that he was trying to create.

The lead track 'Fractures' is the combination between REID sound and Slow Skies' vocals. Slow Skies is an Irish artist who got REID's attention with her past releases and her amazing voice which is both haunting and beautiful at the same time.

The EP's title track will be available to download on the 21st July and is available to stream below.