Royal Blood - 'Royal Blood'


So far this year, I don't think any band has managed to dazzle the UK's rock scene more than Royal Blood. The Brighton-based duo have released a flurry of high-octane singles in the build-up to the release of their self-titled debut album and have set themselves a very high bar as to what the public will make of the new record. The singles 'Out Of The Black', 'Little Monster', 'Come On Over' and 'Figure It Out' have all displayed a great versatility within their sound, while also all being extremely catchy tracks on their own. But will their first full-length release manage to keep up the momentum the two have gathered for themselves?

'Royal Blood' has this incredible presence surrounding it. Opening with 'Out Of The Black', the pace of the album is instantly set as this rip-roaring cavalcade of grinding guitars and trash drumming that continues throughout the whole record. Taking obvious influence from other power duos like Death From Above 1979 and Blood Red Shoes, Royal Blood have this slight edge towards classic rock in their sound, that almost gives them a timeless feel as their simple approach to production leaves so much room for spectacular songwriting, to which they fill with ease and effortless finesse.

It may be a rock-by-numbers album but there is no filler here whatsoever, allowing you to really get under the skin of this new record and give it the full attention it is clearly pining for.

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