Royal Blood - 'Typhoons'


When Brighton-based duo Royal Blood released their self-titled debut album in 2014, it was received with huge acclaim, filling a much-needed gap in the market for a commercially appealing alt-rock act that had been lacking on the UK scene for some time. But when they returned with their 2017 follow-up 'How Did We Get So Dark?', it felt like the wheels were already coming off as they returned with a lacklustre comeback. But now after four years to figure out their next moves, they have returned with 'Typhoons', a record that sees them find a way back to their heyday.

What is most notable about this collection when compared to their older work is just how polished it has come out. While they are still looking to focus themselves on that gritty aesthetic they are known for, the production has a much cleaner finish to it, giving them the option to create a more distinguished sound that they take full advantage of. Rather than unleash a frenzy of blistering pace on us, they give more resonance to the enormous riffs on here, creating a release that manages to toe the line between radio-friendly offerings and something far more impactful for those hardcore fans.

It is this rich juxtaposition of dynamics that makes 'Typhoons' a far more engaging listen than most. From the start, it cements itself as a bold and pulsing full-length that aims to reclaim their place on top of the UK alt-rock heap. It doesn't quite pull it off entirely but still makes for a strong and solid return nevertheless.

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