Ryan Cassata, trans-rights activist shines on thunderous new EP 'This Machine Kills Transphobia'


Over the last few years, renowned singer and songwriter Ryan Cassata has been considered as one of the more vibrant names working the modern punk scene. Splicing fresh and uplifting guitar anthems with a message of acceptance and empowerment for the LGBTQIA+ community, his work has found huge acclaim on an international level as he leads the charge in trans activism. And now joining his band The Top Surgeons for their streaming debut, he returns with his latest EP 'This Machine Kills Transphobia', a collection brimming with more of that raw and driven power he is known for.

Much like his output over the last few years, 'This Machine Kills Transphobia' mixes bold and emotive lyricism with a thunderous production from start to finish. Very much keeping in the same vein as that classic US punk sound, but rebranded for a modern ear, Cassata gallops across this vibrant new offering, unleashing one killer cut after another. While the messaging is totally honed on the side of protest and upheaval of the modern political and social system, the tracks themselves still have a mighty pace to them, keeping them fresh and fascinating throughout.

His tenure has certainly been a prolific one over the years, but 'This Machine Kills Transphobia' shows that he still has plenty of captivating and intense ideas in which to pursue. Moving with this energetic texture from start to finish, this is one for the true punks out there!

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