shy blossom releases debut single 'all I wanted'

After spending much of the last few years building and cultivating a distinctive sound for herself, US newcomer shy blossom is now bringing her vibrant aesthetic to the wider world on her soaring debut single 'all I wanted'.

Channelling a heady mix of driven alt-rock textures with a more heartfelt presence for her initial offering, 'all I wanted' makes for an incredibly passionate introduction to her sound so far. With her rich and dynamic voice layered across an anthemic production from start to finish, she is kicking things off with a brilliantly bold and euphoric opening number here.

While her journey may be just starting off, 'all I wanted' shows that she is very much on top of her creative game. With such a raw and driven approach to her songwriting already, she is establishing herself as one of the more captivating names emerging right now.

Have a listen to 'all I wanted' in the player below.