SKYLIGHTS release debut album 'WHAT YOU ARE'

Following on from a cacophonous frenzy of bold and brazen anthems over the last few years, York-via-Leeds-based outfit SKYLIGHTS have now broken the first major milestone of their career so far by releasing their excellent debut album 'WHAT YOU ARE'.

Having already garnered comparisons to the likes of Oasis and Shed Seven with their euphoric approach to the indie-rock sound, 'WHAT YOU ARE' sees the group deliver a flurry of fresh and enticing cuts, all threaded together with their own passionate guise. Mixing between bold and roaring efforts alongside more sombre offerings throughout their new collection, it gives this record a distinctly diverse feel that brings out the best in their mesmerising songwriting.

Although this marks their first full-length release together, SKYLIGHTS have the tightness of a band who have been doing this for decades. With each song on 'WHAT YOU ARE', we are treated to another bow within their musical quiver that delivers a brilliantly well-rounded release, brimming with confidence and power throughout.

Check out 'WHAT YOU ARE' in the player below.