Sleater-Kinney - 'Path Of Wellness'


After proving themselves as a dominant force on the North American indie-rock circuit throughout the 90s and early 00s, Sleater-Kinney's revival in recent years has been an apprehensive one to say the least. With a near decade long hiatus putting a stop to their output and live shows, the then trio returned in formative style on their 2015 LP 'No Cities To Love' and subsequent follow-up in 2019 with 'The Center Won't Hold', a record that saw drummer Janet Weiss depart the band before it was even released. Now down to just two members, they are looking to carry on regardless with their newest effort 'Path Of Wellness', a release that remains just as strong as before.

When Weiss left the group in 2019, it was an enormous shock to both the band and fans alike, especially given its timing. She had already recorded the entire album but chose to move on during its promotional run, a move that seemed out of the blue and left the future of the group in doubt once again. But showing that they aren't going anywhere soon, the now duo continue a strong and vibrant direction on 'Path Of Wellness'. It is almost as if that shock pushed them to take greater risks within their sound, and the result is something far more adventurous in places, giving this return a warm and captivating sound throughout.

It isn't the groundbreaking offering they have been known to churn out in the past, but 'Path Of Wellness' still stands up as a strong and progressive full-length that rarely falters. The statement this album sends is that they are still ready to create rich and enticing ideas that will no doubt see them continue their comeback for many years to come.

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