SOHN - 'Rennen'


After releasing his superb debut album 'Tremors' back in 2014, producer SOHN found himself in high-demand from some of today's most interesting new acts including BANKS, Kwabs and Rhye. And after a few years of producing for others, he is now back on his own game with his second studio album 'Rennen', a record that looks to further the boundaries he previously set for himself.

The forward-thinking producer has always had a flare for creating interesting yet emotional beats. Through a haze of influences from trip-hop to classic soul, 'Rennen' is a multi-directional release that can only come from an artist who has spent plenty of time on the stage. Each track is honed for a live audience, creating this very engaging and uplifting record that also gives the producer an opportunity to show off his prowess and eccentricity as a composer.

'Rennen' is certainly the return you would want to see from such a promising young act. It manages to display a great level of growth and evolution from his debut, and gives us a truly remarkable new set of productions to swoon over.

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