Spoon - 'They Want My Soul'


Spoon have been one of those bands that highlights the divide between the US music scene and here in the UK. While the group have received huge acclaim and gathered a gigantic fanbase at home, they are merely a footnote on these shores, barely cutting themselves a cult following in the 20+ years they have been going. But now onto their ninth studio album, Spoon are looking once again to bring their infectious pop rock to international waters. Breaking away from their regular label Merge, the band have signed on to the ultra cool Loma Vista for this new release, the home of St Vincent, Rhye, Little Dragon and many more. So will that kudos bring them the attention they deserve this time round?

While it is all well and good getting yourself on an esteemed indie label, you do have to create a memorable album to get the response you want, and unfortunately 'They Want My Soul' just doesn't deliver on that. It still has a likeable sound but fails to deliver anything of real interest that sticks with you once the album is done. After a strong start with tracks like 'Rent I Pay' and 'Inside Out', the record begins to dwindle on its positive beginning and quickly follows a journey of lacklustre filler tracks that lack the passion in which the album started with.

While it may not be their strongest release to date, Spoon have already proven themselves a brilliant group with a diverse range of abilities and sounds. Too bad that was left out of this record.

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