Squid - 'Bright Green Field'


Over the last decade, we have seen as numerous outfits look to emulate the once popular 80s post-punk aesthetic with aims of reviving and reimagining it for a modern ear. And while most of them have fallen short of the mark in recent times, there was always something about the sound of Squid that allowed them to stand out from the crowd. Maybe it was their imaginative direction or the fact they had been signed by the ever boundary pushing Warp Records, we knew something special was on the way and now they deliver their eagerly-anticipated debut album 'Bright Green Field', a record that only cements their legacy so far.

There are undeniable flickers of inspiration on this collection, most notably Foals and Everything Everything, but they always seem to look to pursue their own path with every track here. From the very start, 'Bright Green Field' is an album that wears its influences on its sleeve, but always manages to find a unique and distinct direction to take itself in. There is this progressive energy running throughout the LP, so rather than have the odd glimmer of fresh and enticing compositions at every turn, it makes you work for them and delivers this brilliantly captivating listen that is hard to ignore.

We always knew that this new full-length would be something very special, but hearing 'Bright Green Field' in its full glory, it is clear that Squid are set for big things in the years ahead. Their unconventional approach and creativity is threaded throughout every facet of this collection and gives us one of the most spellbinding offerings of the year so far.

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