St. Tropez unveil new EP 'Older Self'

Following on from the release of their much-loved 2018 self-titled studio album, Oakland's St. Tropez have now returned to deliver their sweet and sweeping new EP 'Older Self'.

Channelling more of that smooth and effervescent indie-rock direction they have developed over the years, 'Older Self' marks a very special and tender moment within the band's extensive catalogue. Brimming with rich and vibrant textures, a soaring atmosphere, and beautifully heartfelt lyrics that honour the band's commitment to one another over the years, this new four-track release aims to breathe new life into their passionate direction.

Speaking about the new collection, the group added, “We’re inspired by our parents and partners, our children, and also the bands out there that have stuck through it thick and thin.

”The name, Older Self is quite open to interpretation. Is it the older self we dream of being when we are kids? The freedom to do or become the dreams we dream, to do whatever we want? Or is it realizing that we are now the older self and we only dream we could be younger again, further from death and closer to the beginning of our lives when things were simpler. The songs of Older Self incorporate everything about our lives–love, loss, nostalgia, melancholy, joy while asking deeper questions about the meaning of life and what lies after.”

Throughout their tenure, St. Tropez have stood as a deeply warm and mesmerising outfit that are always yearning for something greater and more progressive. 'Older Self' harnesses that emotionally-charged aesthetic and shines as often as possible.

Have a listen to 'Older Self' in the player below.