Tune-Yards - 'sketchy.'


Since they first emerged with their breakthrough debut album 'Bird-Brains' in 2009, art-rock duo Tune-Yards have been a proficient and eccentric name on the scene ever since. With a wave of praise and successful releases under their belt throughout the years, they have never compromised on their direction and continue to be this unique and captivating addition to any new music cycle. So not looking to break from tradition, they return with their fifth studio album 'sketchy.', a record that is more about securing their legacy than moving away from the formula that has always worked.

The wonderful thing about Tune-Yards is that you can never fully explain their style to anyone else without succumbing to the realisation that they are indefinable. While they dabble in the areas of dream-pop and lo-fi indie-pop much of the time, it is through their own unique lens that makes them such a warm and vibrant listen, and this is exactly what we experience on 'sketchy.'. While its title would have you thinking they are going for a rougher and more unpolished direction this time, the result is very much a Tune-Yards-by-numbers release that takes you on this bold and esoteric journey to the heart of their sound.

It may not that same instantly attractive bonkersness they are known for, but 'sketchy.' shows us that they are far from low on steam at this point. With so many fresh and enticing moments layered throughout this new collection, Tune-Yards have proven once again that doing things your own way can make for a very loveable listen from start to finish.

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