Unarmed release debut EP 'It's Like That'

After breaking through with their much-loved initial offerings 'Home' and 'The Perfect Summer' last year, Portland-based outfit Unarmed now cross the first major milestone of their career to date with their explosive debut EP 'It's Like That'.

Bringing back more of that raw and galloping punk aesthetic they are known for, this new four-track collection sees them make quite the impact at this stage of their union. With its bold and technicolour energy, soaring atmosphere, and killer hooks left right and centre, 'It's Like That' cements them as one of the more exciting names emerging on the alt-rock scene right now.

While they may have only just begun their journey, 'It's Like That' showcases plenty of fresh and adventurous ideals for such a young group. With a strong and driven approach to their sound and production throughout, it feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more from this lot in the very near future.

Have a listen to 'It's Like That' in the player below.