Various Artists - 'The Turning OST'


It almost feels like we have been hearing more about this movie's soundtrack than the movie itself. Over the last few months, we have been treated to a wave of singles from the release, with notable contributions arriving from Courtney Love, Soccer Mommy, Kim Gordon, Warpaint, Pale Waves and many more. But with the movie now beginning to make its mark in theatres up and down the country, the score is still proving to be a bold and inventive collection of ideas from some of the world's most passionate and intense names.

The core concept behind The Turning is that it is set in the 1990s, meaning that while all these new songs are written purposely for the film, they have all been produced through a nostalgic 90s lens. While this style will obviously be second nature for acts like Courtney Love and Kim Gordon, who of course where very much a part of the global scene back then, it is the newer acts that seem to relish this concept. Mitski's contribution 'Cop Car' is the clear standout on this collection, as it not only creates a bold and rich atmosphere, but seems to fully capture the dread in which the film is soaked in.

While normally the idea of a compilation release can create a rather disjointed offering, with its sole purpose aiming to conjure up imagery of the end of the last century, each artist has interpreted that in their own way and delivered a diverse but still cohesive collection. A fresh yet retro listen that still manages to encourage darker moments to reflect the movie's own intentions.

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