Vassilis unveils new single 'All We Have Is Now'

Following on from a string of bright and captivating efforts over the last few years, Manchester-based singer and songwriter Vassilis has now returned to deliver his breezy new cut 'All We Have Is Now'.

Channelling the broad and atmospheric direction of acts like Arcade Fire and Father John Misty, 'All We Have Is Now' makes for a wonderfully alluring listen from start to finish. Opting for a light and airy production weighted against his sweet and lofty vocal performance, he sweeps and swoons his way through this heartfelt offering, conjuring warm and emotionally-charged textures as he goes.

While he has been knocking out singles and other releases in recent years, there is something about 'All We Have Is Now' that really stands out amongst his catalogue so far. Brimming with compelling songwriting throughout, it feels like a bold and inventive step forward in his musical evolution to date.

Have a listen to 'All We Have Is Now' in the player below.