Wallows - 'Model'


When US indie-rockers Wallows first emerged, they were largely seen as the musical side-project for renowned actor Dylan Minnette, but since then have cemented themselves as a formidable force on the scene, regularly making huge waves with their spritely approach to the genre. And with plenty of praise building for the trio as they look to venture upon their most high-profile tour to date, they return with their eagerly-awaited third studio album 'Model', a record that looks to tick all those same boxes once again.

While Wallows have never been ones to push the envelope too far, their material has been a solid example of what any guitar band needs to do in order to hold attention, and that is exactly what 'Model' delivers. Offering up another heady dose of riveting hooks and soaring choruses across its twelve-track runtime, their latest LP is a bold and immersive listen that adds further ammunition to their upcoming live shows for the year ahead.

It may not have the same instant appeal they have generated in the past, but 'Model' still packs itself with plenty of enjoyable gems throughout. Moving with a strong pace to keep the momentum moving forward, Wallows are moving along as one of the more enjoyable names on the indie-rock circuit right now.

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