Wavves - 'Hideaway'


Ever since they first arrived back in 2008 with their blistering self-titled debut album, Wavves have always looked to create a air of diversity and surprises with every release since. While much of that varied direction can be attributed to numerous line-up changes near the start of their career, they have regularly broken expectations with all of their releases so far, making them one of the most unpredictable names on the scene today. And now following up the psychedelic path they explored on 2017's 'You're Welcome', they return once again with their seventh full-length 'Hideaway', a record that floods itself with their most eclectic aesthetic to date.

While their intentions so far have always been too explore a new avenue with each collection, 'Hideaway' seems to venture off into numerous untouched territories to create a truly warped and vivid return. While we consistently sees glimmers of the old Wavves weaved throughout this new album, there is a clear and strong desire to move their sound forward, making for a fun and untethered texture. Focusing around their proven love of modern SoCal pop-punk, it looks to create a bold and exciting array of blistering cuts that appeal to the widest demographic possible.

And although it may not have the most cohesive of directions, 'Hideaway' still throws out its far share of vibrant gems, keeping your attention locked just as you felt it faltering. It certainly isn't their most proficient LP to date, but continues their glittering style with ease and an uplifting demeanour we can all get behind.

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