Xena Glas returns with new single 'and and and'

Following on from the release of her stunning debut EP 'Body' earlier this year, emerging Brooklyn-based artist Xena Glas has now returned to unveil her captivating new single 'and and and'.

Inspired by the transitional experience of lying in bed before finally falling asleep, 'and and and' looks to create a sonic illustration of what it feels like to be in a tranquil dreamlike state. Playing with the concept of finally being able to live and dream as who you really are, rather than what society expects you to be, this new offering is a wonderfully rich and relatable return from an artist that always finds something compelling to explore.

Layered effortlessly with her own spellbinding voice and a wistfully-played guitar, she manages to invoke a real sense of gravitas within this new release, conjuring a beautifully inviting narrative that looks to weave a subtle web of enticing tones and vibrant textures throughout.

Have a listen to 'and and and' in the player below.