Aero Flynn - 'Aero Flynn'


While the term "singer-songwriter" may conjure up images of a lone soul pouring their heart out over an acoustic guitar, it is good to see that artists stuck in that phrase are looking to push the borders of their sound and break preconceptions of what people might think. This goes for Aero Flynn aka Josh Scott who, despite conceiving the record solo, has given his debut attempt an extremely diverse and exciting new angle that aims to challenge both himself and the listener.

His new self-titled album may spend the first couple of minutes in that folk-based expectation, but quickly loses itself in its own progressive nature to produce a full-length that is hard to pin down to a single genre. The outcome is this faux-experimental release that likes to break the barriers between sounds and create its own path. Not too dissimilar to the direction Radiohead took for 'In Rainbows', this album mixes electronic accompaniment, distortion and traditional guitar playing to give us a truly immersive sounding record.

The frontman Josh Scott may be familiar with those that follow the Wisconsin rock sound, but for most he will be a breathe of fresh air in what is quickly becoming a diluted international music scene. It sounds like nothing we have heard before and should only be encouraged with full aplomb.

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