Alex Gerdt - 'It's Later Than You Think'


Ever since he first broke through with his stunning debut album 'Contradictions' in 2017, Swedish singer-songwriter Alex Gerdt has always been one to utilise his own state of mind to hone the creative process. Using songwriting as a cathartic exercise in order to expel himself from the dark thoughts that cloud his mind, he has made incredible strides in the years since, delivering a wealth of well-received offerings in the process. And after returning earlier this year with his vibrant comeback single 'Just Like Anybody', his first piece of new material in four years, he now looks to cement this era within his catalogue with his wondrous new EP 'It's Later Than You Think', a collection beaming with tender emotion throughout.

Much like what 'Just Like Anybody' introduced us to, 'It's Later Than You Think' sets itself as a warm and inviting array of delights. Continuing that rich and spellbinding aesthetic that has always served him so well in the past, this new five-track release captures a beautifully refined texture that allows him to bring some of his more emotive lyrics to the forefront. Keeping the production as smooth and atmospheric as possible, Gerdt finds himself in a brilliantly progressive guise, delivering some of his most enchanting efforts to date here.

It may have arrived after an extended break within his tenure, but 'It's Later Than You Think' shows he is still very much of top of his creative game. Capturing some beautifully alluring tones and heartfelt passion with every track, Alex Gerdt remains one of the more enthralling songwriters doing the rounds today.

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