ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 30 Leon Bridges

So far this year, no other artist has made such a large impact off such a small amount of music. Despite only a couple of releases to his name so far, the young Leon Bridges is already being dubbed the future sound of American music, when in fact his influences reach back further than most.

Taking the harmonious and rich sound of soul legends Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, Bridges has managed to revitalise this once popular sound and convert the nostalgia into a forward-thinking premise that has got the musical community standing to ovation.

His latest double A side single 'Coming Home', backed with 'Better Man', is quickly rising through the ranks of a number of radio stations the world over and has made the Texan native one of the most in-demand new acts of the year.

With major label backing, courtesy of Columbia, Leon Bridges is certainly a name you haven't heard the last of this year. And with music as good as his back in the commercial limelight, his addition to popular music is sorely grateful.