ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 47 Formation

While you don't to think that far back to a time when indie and dance music merged to usher in a new wave of club-happy ravers who shunned conventional and commercially sounding music. And while that attitude has been far absent in today's market, London duo Formation are looking to bring the joy back to the dancefloor.

While the pair have been producing and remixing high-profile material for the best part of a year, it has been their latest single 'Hangin' that has brought them a lot of much-deserved attention.

Taking that millennial DFA Records sound and giving it a more contemporary feel, 'Hangin' is that perfect combination of toe-tapping fun and forward-thinking production that makes it both familiar and unique in equal measure.

Formation will spent the majority of their summer touring around Europe but UK fans will still be able to catch them at both Latitude Festival and Leeds' The Garden Party. Have a listen to 'Hangin' in the player below.