ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.310 - deryk

Having already delighted us with her bright and distinct initial singles ‘Call You Out’ and 'One Star' from earlier this year, New Zealand's deryk is soon to make an even bigger impression as she readies us for her debut EP 'WOMb'.

Previewed by the new single 'goodtimes', this new offering continues that smooth and pulsing alt-pop direction she has showcased so far. Filled with warm and atmospheric production, alongside her own sweeping vocals, her latest cut opens a more intimate side to her sound as she swoons and serenades her way through this rich and enticing delight.

Speaking about her return, she said, “’goodtimes’ is about not being able to reminisce or enjoy looking back on a time period in your life because it turned out to be a complete waste of time. It’s like Good Times, except the tainted, bitter version. I don’t believe in regret because “everything is a learning experience blah blah blah” but reminiscing and only seeing your oblivious, vulnerable self. Wearing rose tinted glasses can be self-destructive. Accepting defeat and letting “the goodtimes go” is a healthy next step. At least you know better now.”

Her debut EP 'WOMb' is expected to drop on the 2nd October and you can listen to 'goodtimes' in the player below.