ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.335 - Tin Can Kate

While the coronavirus lockdown meant that many of us were no longer about to venture out or even do the things we wanted to do, Devon-born beat-maker Jonah and native New Yorker singer-lyricist Ella were spending their time developing a new project called Tin Can Kate, and have now unveiled their brilliant debut single 'Corner'.

Using a diverse mix of influences, everything from striking an actual match and lighter as percussion to exploring the charming grime of a university student house living room through personification of cigarettes in the lyrics, 'Corner' sees them make a wonderfully upbeat introduction to their sound. Channelling subtle alt-pop eccentricities and galvanised production gives this debut effort a beautifully delightful sound that will fix a smile firmly to your face.

Speaking about the track, Ella said, “Last March, I passed around a blue notebook to a gathering of our friends, encouraging them to freestyle a song with no immediate results in mind. The lyrics of Corner are directly lifted from the (rather shaky-lettered) contributions. The words describe the surroundings of my student house living room; cigarette carpet holes, plants on the closed up fireplace mantle, and the rotting christmas tree in the corner that had decayed silently for two months all inspired the song. The first lockdown, and terror and uncertainty that ensued, quickly followed the creation of these words that celebrated a gathering of youth, and I find that the song poignantly memorializes the specific joy of humans and friends that has been temporarily put on a shelf that’s gradually gathering dust.”

Check out the new self-directed video for 'Corner' in the player below.