ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.345 - Frances Forever

Having already exploded on TikTok these last few months, generating millions of streams every week for their previous effort 'Space Girl', fast-rising artist Frances Forever looks to cement their dominance on the alt-pop world with the soaring new release 'paranoia party'.

Lifted from their forthcoming new EP of the same name, their first project through their new home on the label Mom + Pop, 'paranoia party' looks to see their profile growing even further in the months ahead. With its fresh and vibrant direction alongside their own captivating persona, their latest belter is a bold and anthemic return from a name we can't get enough of right now.

Speaking about the new offering, they said, “I wrote the song after actually going to a party and realizing I didn’t know anyone there, and I just didn’t feel like myself. It was just like strangers all around me. That’s why [I wrote] the line ‘my minds going 50, my body’s going heavy’ – feeling like I can’t move and my mind’s racing, just a sense of anxiety surrounding that. Then you’re in a room surrounded by strangers and all the weird unfamiliar smells and disassociating a lot. This EP is all about feeling alone in a crowded room. I’m hoping that listening to these songs will help you realize that everyone in that crowd feels the same way. Let’s share our troubles, softie sophomores.”

Frances Forever's new EP 'paranoia party' is out on the 9th July through Mom + Pop, and you can watch the video for the title-track in the player below.