Having already earned the attention of numerous tastemakers thanks to their previous efforts 'Fuse' and 'Leave It Out', Liverpool's STONE are now looking to break some serious ground as they return with their anthemic new single 'Let's Dance To The Real Thing'.

Taking their cues from the dark and atmospheric post-punk sound and merging it with a bold and blistering indie-rock aesthetic, 'Let's Dance To The Real Thing' sees them return in stellar form. Jam-packed with killer hooks and a catchy chorus to boot, it feels like this lot are destined to become your new favourite band very soon.

Speaking about the new offering, they said, “The song's main theme centres around a distaste for the uninspired and disingenuous side of a lot of modern pop music. Whilst this is of course not true of all of modern pop music - the hook implores for the feeling of authenticity and a greater listener connection with artists - Let's Dance to the Real Thing. Cueing comparisons to great rock and pop acts of the 20th century, the song questions why despite how much our consumption of music grows, why there seems to be a lack of longevity for many hits compared to decades previous.”

STONE are set to perform at Reading & Leeds Festivals next weekend, and you can check out the new video for 'Let's Dance To The Real Thing' in the player below.