ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.414 - Protection

After originally born out of an initial exchange of musical ideas, Iain Cook of Chvrches and fellow Glaswegian musician and producer Scott Paterson have now introduced their new project Protection alongside their progressive debut single 'Still Love You'.

Delving right into the depths of broad and inventive electronic music throughout, 'Still Love You' makes for a vibrant introduction to their sound. While individually the pair have established themselves as bold and adventurous artists in their own right, this coming together feels like a fresh and explorative endeavour, brimming with bright and exciting possibilities.

Speaking about the new offering, they said, “We’d been friends a really long time and hadn’t ever made any music together, so around springtime 2021, we started exchanging sketches, sharing turns working on tracks in our separate studios each day. The method we decided to try was to create a sort of musical foldover, like those games where someone would draw the head and you’d fold it over, and someone else would draw the legs. It means you can end up somewhere very different to where you started, it also helps to take the overthinking and seriousness out of the process.”

Protection are set to release more music in the coming months, and 'Still Love You' is available to stream via Saint Luck Records/The Orchard. Have a listen to it in the player below.