ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.448 - Erin LeCount

After originally breaking through with her spellbinding debut single 'Killing Time' last year, Essex-based singer, songwriter and producer Erin LeCount returns to deliver news of her eagerly-awaited debut EP 'Soft Skins, Restless Bones', featuring the wondrous new outing 'Heartbreak Hotel'.

Channelling a beautifully sweet and effervescent direction throughout her newest effort, 'Heartbreak Hotel' instantly cements her as one of the most exciting names on the rise right now. With her beautifully soul-infused voice layered across a progressive production from start to finish, she looks set to become one of 2023's most talked about new artists doing the rounds.

Adding about the track, she said, “‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is an upbeat, yet resentful reflection on the relationships in my life that have seen me trying to ‘fix’ partners and the expectation that is often placed on young women, to be rehabilitation centres for men, perform emotional labour and temporarily fulfil a mother or therapist role rather than be a girlfriend. All those built up frustrations and bitter feelings of being disposable or used gave me a chance in this song to get spiteful and vengeful rather than sad. ‘Check in, check out, I’m a hotel / My loves a rehab for boys who couldn’t save themselves’ is a playful retaliation against how unfair it feels to pour love into patching someone up, only for them to leave once they’ve received what they needed.”

Erin LeCount's debut EP 'Soft Skins, Restless Bones' will be available to stream from the 17th August via Good As Gold Records, and you can listen to 'Heartbreak Hotel' in the player below.

'Soft Skin, Restless Bones' Tracklist:
Killing Time
Heartbreak Hotel
Mind The Gap
Don’t Ask
Bday Blues