Cerebral Ballzy - 'Jaded & Faded'


There is something incredibly enjoyable listening to bands like Cerebral Ballzy. Despite the wealth of musical technology now available to bands and producers alike, these five New York kids have chosen to dismiss all of it. Instead vouching for the raw, distorted sound of their punk rock forefathers and creating music that pays homage to those golden times, all the while keeping their content and lyrics on the cutting edge. 'Jaded & Faded' is the follow-up to the band's uncompromising self-titled debut and despite lasting less than half an hour, packs in some of the most ferocious DIY punk you are likely to hear this year.

For those already aware of their debut, then this album will simply serve as a continuation of that sound. Not much has changed since then but thankfully nothing has been lost either as the band continue to rampage through thirteen two-three minute songs, adding jaded political opinion and judging poor diet choices as they go. But what is so good about this album is that it holds its frame so well. If you aren't interested in it from the first ten seconds, then there isn't much you will like from it. But if you do, then get comfortable, because 'Jaded & Faded' doesn't just blow your ears but offers up a pure rock medley of angst and tenacity that leaves you feel like you just spent half an hour in primal scream therapy.

With TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek taking over production of this new record, its clear that they have polished up those loose edges since their debut, but not lost that nostalgic vision of what punk rock should be. It's a low budget surge of fury that will have you punching the air before lunchtime.

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