Chance The Rapper - 'The Big Day'


To be talking about Chance The Rapper releasing his debut album feels like the idea that constitutes an album is getting blurred and mixed up more and more over the years. With a bunch of Grammy wins already under his belt for his two previous mixtapes 'Coloring Book' and 'Acid Rap', the rapper has been a staple of the US hip-hop scene for many years already. And while 'The Big Day' has been officially named as his first studio record, the MC has still looked to make a grand impression as this sprawling 77-minute long collection sees him embark on a whole range of ideas throughout its 22-track listing.

While Chance The Rapper has never really looked to pigeonhole himself before when it came to releasing new material, the most defining part of this new release seems to be his intention to create more of a succinct aesthetic while remaining vibrant and creative throughout each track. What made his previous mixtapes such a joy to run through, was that you never quite knew where it was going to head next. And while that level of extreme genre-jumping has been left off this new collection, he has still created a joyous and uplifting LP that plays around with this more subdued design, delivering a brilliantly cohesive record in the process.

And although it never really pulls itself out of the pace it has created with a clear and memorable single, 'The Big Day' looks to be his mark of maturity as he continues his ascent through the industry. No longer the playful youngster he once was, Chance is looking to cement himself as one of the best rappers of his generation and there are plenty of moments on here where he seems to come close.

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