Cristobal And The Sea - ‘Peach Bells'


Despite originally forming in London, Cristobal And The Sea have diversity and culture flying out of their backside. The four-piece collective have origins in Spain, Portugal, France and England, making them one of the most interesting and eclectic band of musicians we have probably ever heard. And with a subtle buzz about their unique sound coming from the release of their latest single 'My Love (Ay Ay Ay)', the band are now ready to release their debut EP 'Peach Bells' and spread their European mongrel influences to the masses.

Once you get used to the constant language changes that occur throughout this new release, you realise that not being able to understand the lyrics isn't really the point of this band as they say so much more with the music they produce. With a slight hint of psychedelica and South American bossa nova within their core sound, Cristobal And The Sea have this infectiously glorious approach to making music that gives you the opportunity to let go of your inhibitions and simply enjoy the music as it plays.

While its eclectic nature may be a little hard for some to handle, its use of multi-cultural influences keeps the pace of the EP ever moving forward, and you find yourself really relishing in a variety of moments on this new release.

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