Desaparecidos - 'Payola'


While it never easy to keep track of whatever band frontman Conor Oberst is currently focusing on, the one we never thought we'd see again has reared its energetic head for another round. After first debuting back in 2002 with their album 'Read Music/Speak Spanish', punk outfit Desaparecidos exploded onto the political music scene with a tooth and claw approach to motively-lead rock music. But after releasing a few singles over the last few years, we finally get ourselves another full-length album and what a punch it packs.

But while the idea of the Bright Eyes frontman taking the reins on such a violently different sound may be hard to imagine, you can tell in his voice that this is what he was made to do. Oberst's unique vocal style resonates over the trashing of drums and guitars like a life-raft riding the crest of a prefect storm, floating confidently amongst the turbulence. And with that comes an air of determination and focus that keeps the sound of this record ever pushing forward.

It may not be the most original sounding rock record, and in fact most will liken it to mid-noughties emo troupes like My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday, but it still has this great presence about it. And after so many years away from the studio, it is great to hear a band manage to pick up almost exactly where they left off and bring that raw passion back with them.

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